The Record

A Global Treasure Hunt

Franklin Lakes couple publish a book of their wildlife photos from every continent

The wild dogs repeatedly eluded them. The orcas were too far away and obscured by rain. The aardvark remains only a wish. Amy and Richard Lynn set out to see — and photograph — these animals and many more, but sometimes the wildlife and weather conditions don't cooperate.... READ MORE >

Global Treasure Hunt

Guided Safaris

A New Book from an Old Client

It is a bright morning as the Bay Area mist clears to reveal the silvery-blue Pacific seaboard through the large conference room windows at the offices of Guided Safaris. I have just flown home from a trip in the south of France and sit here with my copy of The Sarcastic Lens and its glossy postal wrappings on the table... READ MORE >

Africa Geographic

Book Review: The Sarcastic Lens

The Sarcastic Lens is a photobook designed to show that ordinary people can take extraordinary photographs. The Sarcastic Lens, by Richard and Amy Lynn, showcases the incredible diversity and the wondrous wildlife experienced by these nature lovers as they traveled the world... READ MORE >

An Alphabetical Tour of the World’s 100 Greatest Attractions (According to Us) - cover
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An Ordinary Couple's Photographic Journey through the Animal Kingdom - cover
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